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The printing guide you need!

You are all excited! You just bought the PDF sewing pattern that you wanted for weeks. It's only when you print it out that you realize the dimensions did not come out well. You are frustrated since you have to find the printing error before starting your project. The situation does not seem to resolve. You think this problem can take at least a few hours if you don't have the correct information and the right support.

Don't worry, I'm here to help you find the information you need to have your happy ending. In fact, I've also been there. I scratched my head a few times to sort out printing errors that were so simple. So I made a list of things you might want to check to correct your situation!


Here are my tips for printing PDF patterns:

First, have you measured the 5cm x 5cm square on the plan?

This is an important step that many overlook, and yet could save you a lot of trouble. I recommend to start your project by printing only the page with the test square to get a good idea of ​​the dimensions of the pattern. The printer setting must be set to the full size of your format.

- Do you use Adobe Reader? If you are using Mac Preview, it may affect the dimensions of the sewing pattern.

On a few occasions, I received messages from people who couldn't see the edges on their sewing PDF pattern pages. This problem caused them a lot of trouble with the construction of their sewing pattern. After doing extensive research, I realized these people were using Mac Preview instead of Adobe Reader. Mac Preview can have a significant impact on how your patterns print.So, it's important to use Adobe Reader.


- Did you choose the no scaling and no margin option?


In your print settings, be sure to choose the no scaling and no margin options. If these options are not selected, your printer could change the dimensions of your pattern.

- Is the hiding margin option enabled?


In your print settings, make sure that the hiding margin option is not selected. This setting could affect your printout.


Hope this will help you with your project.

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