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The Louise Set

Level Advanced

It starts with a desire for Tweed, bouclé - you know the drill... Haute couture-inspired Jackets. Fabrics that can turn a simple pattern, into something chic and elegant. Either for a cocktail, or an evening event, you know that this will make you look your best. I have imagined a Paulinessence-inspired jacket for you to wear when you feel like your wardrobe needs a little upgrade.

What you will find in this pattern:

  • Lining

  • No darts

  • Invisible zipper

  • Fitted jacket

Sizes: 6 - 22 see this guide!

Technical Sheet:

  • ​The pattern includes seam allowances.

  • Available in US Letter and A4 formats.

  • The ease is 2 cm at the waistline, 4 cm on the hips line, and 4 cm at the bust line

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Votre shopping liste:

  • Fabric (width150 cm):

    • The set: Sizes 6-10 (160 cm fabric, 150 cm lining, 140 cm interfacing ), 12-16 (170 cm fabric, 155 cm lining, 150 cm interfacing), 18-22 (230 cm fabric, 160 cm lining, 155 cm interfacing)

    • Jacket only: Sizes 6-10 (137 cm fabric, 91 cm lining, 115 cm interfacing ), 12-16 (145 cm fabric, 100 cm lining, 129 cm interfacing), 18-22 (175 cm fabric, 108 cm lining, 171 cm interfacing)é

    • Skirt only: Sizes 6-22 (95 cm fabric, 95 cm lining)

  • Needle: (will depend on the chosen fabric)

  • Zipper: 20 cm

  • Buttons: 8


Fabric Advice: For this set, choose cotton or whole tweed. Don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to explore new ideas and new textures.

*This pattern is for personal use only. Not to be used for commercial purposes. Thank you for respecting the rights of the designer. Copyright 2023.

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