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How to choose your fabric?

It has surely happened to you that you are already at the fabric store without your pattern and wonder what fabric would be best to choose according to the cut of the garment you want to sew. The selection of the fabric is a very important step because it will have a decisive impact on the final look of your creation! For example, I have already used a very soft and light linen fabric for a fairly straight skirt, but this resulted in a wavy zipper. So I had to find a solution to correct the blunder. Here is a little fabric guide depending on the garment you want to make!

Straight skirt

We prefer a reasonably thick fabric and therefore a heavy weight to have a nice fall: gabardine (with a little elastane), cotton fabrics or mixed linen cotton, thick cotton fabrics, jacquard, velvet, jeans, denim (240 g/ml) or imitation leather.


For the Lorica shirt, the pattern is available in my store, I prefer cotton, linen, or light viscose. For slightly crazier options, some people make this type of shirt in a corduroy.

Wide Skirt and Dress

Depending on which direction you choose, you can find skirts made in many different types of fabrics. Personally, I use fabrics of satins, cotton, linen, and polyester (more for winter), without elasticity for the skirt as much as possible. For the dress, if it is adjusted at the bust, it is important to have a minimum of elasticity to allow fluid movements.

Autumn/Winter Coat

For this type of project, I offer polyester fabrics to make warmer coats (winter coat style), or wool for a more chic finish in autumn, and for your outings in town in winter.

Wide-Leg Pants

For this type of clothing, favor denim, corduroy, or a polyester fabric thick enough for the cold seasons. For the summer, I mostly choose a cotton/linen blend, since these organic fabrics wrinkle less and are more comfortable. Another choice would be lightweight rayon.

Fitted Pants

Unlike wide-leg pants, fitted ones will need a bit of spandex for ease of movement. Go with denim or sturdy polyester for this type of garment.

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